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Cocktail Collective Masterclass & Workshop, Zürich
04 Juin 2018
We  are proud to announce this exceptional event and to welcome Mario Hofferer for this day.

Throughout this exciting day, Mario Hofferer will share with our guests some of his latest creations with a focus on modern bar machines and innovative mixology techniques to name only a few.
It will also be the opportunity to deepen the product knowledge mastery led by Mark Tracey, our UK Brand Ambassador.

About Mario Hofferer

The 34 year old mixologist, originally from Klagenfurt / Austria, is currently a two-time Cocktail World Champion, International Barkeeper of the year 2017/2018 of the barkeeper world association IBA, four time Austrian State Champion, Barman of the year 2012 and Leader of the Year 2011. Since 1999 the name Mario Hofferer has become an emblematic brand throughout the international mixology scene.

Mario Hofferer is an exceptionally creative perfectionist who uses only the highest quality materials and ingredients to create new, innovative drinks, which will enchant each and every one of his guests.

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